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Brough Creek National

Mike Eovino

Golf used to be wild.  It was accessible to nearly everyone, and golf courses were found, not designed.  In the intervening years, we’ve managed to make golf difficult, time-consuming and expensive.  We can debate why this has happened ad nauseam, but it’s become our reality.  When I was a kid just starting out in the game, my family didn't belong to a club, so I had to make up golf where I could find it.  I’d hit wiffle balls around the yard, playing from tree to tree.

I love the idea of The Cradle, The Sandbox and The Preserve and how they are changing the idea of what proper golf is, but they’re all just a little too out of the way for any of us to get to, at least on the regular.  That’s where Some Guy’s Backyard and their first project, Brough Creek National, come in.

I’m not exactly sure how I stumbled upon it; I was lost on Golf Twitter somewhere and happened to see something that caught my eye and took me to the SGB site.  Immediately, I was hooked.  Ben Hotaling is doing as a grown-up what so many of us did as kids.  He's figuring out a way to play golf in the space he has available.  I jumped on the offer of free membership as soon as I could, and now I’m member number 273.  The team is doing an incredible job of raising both awareness and funds as they build out their dream and prove that anyone can build a fun and challenging place to play golf, doing it in Some Guy’s Backyard.

I do a ton of driving for work, going from one client to another, and I take back roads whenever I can. I used to look at big plots of empty land and imagine 18 hole golf courses. I still do, but when I see a hundred yards, now I see short holes just begging to be built.  I can’t wait to see them finish this up and start their next project.